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Italy to become the worlds biggest wine producer!

Italy will produce 6.52bn bottles of wine from its 2015 wine harvest, allowing it to re-claim top spot as the world’s biggest wine producer. This would represent a 10% increase in the country’s wine harvest this year which may be down to better weather conditions during the 2015 growing season in Italy. France’s harvest is estimated to show a modest rise of 1% in 2015, increasing their production to over 6.32bn bottles. Spain is set to remain the world’s third largest wine producer in 2015 with estimated production of 36.6m hectolitres, equivalent to 4.9bn bottles but this is a significant decrease of 4% on 2014. Outside of Europe, Chile is capitalising on increased interest in its produce expected to see an unprecedented rise by 23% from the 2015 harvest, to a record 12.87m hectolitres, or 1.7bn bottles. Despite the current popularity of its Malbec variety, Argentina is estimated to produce 12% less wine this year with 1.79bn bottles. The US, which has traditionally been the largest wine consumer nation remain fourth in the table on an estimated 22.1m hectolitres – 2.9bn bottles – which is up by 1% on 2014.